Moving On (and defeating) a Bunker

Defeating a player hidden in a bunker (or bunkering them) is not all that difficult. It is imperative that your team works together though. First let’s answer a couple of questions.

Why do players get in bunkers? Isn’t this game about movement and action?

Well yes the game is about movement and action but the correct use of a bunker can be a real plus for the team choosing to utilize it and a real pain for the team trying to take it out.

Don’t only “newbies” use bunkers and hide so they don’t get shot?

The answer to that one is Yes – & – No.

Sure the new guy it likely to stay in the bunker. Many times because they don’t know the rest of the players on the team and they sort of get put there. Sort of like getting picked last to play.

On the other hand if a team decides to defend the bunker (or the flag), protecting the bunker correctly can be really hard to overcome.

To successfully take a bunker down, and the players in and around it, your team will have to come up with a planned strategy. Sure you can rush the thing, spray paint and maybe actually achieve the upper hand, but that’s not really correct in this writer’s opinion.

We need to set some definitions for this article.

The Bunker

The bunker as not only the actual bunker itself but also the surrounding area.

The Assault Teams

Teams as we use them here are not ten or fifteen people. The assault team is part of your overall paintball team. It can be a few as one person (dangerous) or better, two or three players.

Moving on the Bunker

If the defending team is smart there is a first line of defense outside of the structure. This first line has to be dealt with first, of course. This can be done in a couple ways. One method is to triangulate on the outside players and take them out. Or, to make it even more fun, scare them into retreating into the bunker with the others. This is where it gets interesting.

The bunker needs to be attacked from several different points. This should usually be done with three of our assault teams. A team can be a little as one player but remember two or three work better. If using three assault teams, one team should lay down covering fire to allow the other two teams to move into position. It really makes no difference what position this covering fire comes from as long as your other teams know the plan and the “bunkered” team is distracted and concerned with not eating a lot of paint from this covering team.

All three teams should try to more as close as possible to the bunker area and still maintain cover. You want to be close enough to your target to allow for good accurate shots but not so close as to expose yourself. It is an important point to remember that you know where the other team is. They are in that bunker. On the other hand, they may not know where your teams are. This means they WILL present themselves as targets to one of your assault teams or another.

A word about that covering fire I mentioned above. This is not a matter of spraying paint. You do have a limited amount you know and it you run out your usefulness has just ended. All that is needed is to lob a round or two in at the bunkered team when they stick their heads up. A consistent paintball every time they try to make a move will keep them in the bunker where you want them. This makes them forget all about the impending doom from your other teams as they are too busy worrying about the covering fire your team is laying down.

As the other assault teams move into position a signal should be given that they are ready. Each team will most likely not be able to see each other so we go back to communication. At a predetermined signal, the other teams open up on the targets that are presented. The bunker now has paint coming from three directions. It’s just a matter of time before it’s all over for them.

There is no need to run up and attack unless you are just getting board and what to do the John Wayne thing and run screaming at the bunker as you get severely painted.

Moving up on the bunker by a team member is entirely possible though. Fire from three directions consistently will allow a player to crawl right up on them. If you are really into scenario games the paintball grenade works wonders at this point. To do this you have to get your teams to position. We will talk about tactical movement and patrol techniques in another section.

Written by:   Viper33   of: TacticalMarkers.com